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We all have delicate bodies. Anyone is prone to sickness or other defects. And you probably know if you have any part of the body that’s not functioning as it’s supposed to, you will have the entire body aching. You won’t be able to perform at your optimum. UC San Diego Health describes common symptoms of aspiration in children.

Aspiration is one of the common things that could happen to almost all of us. This is especially because we can choke almost whenever eating or drinking anything. Aspiration can cause serious health problems, such as pneumonia.

It can happen to a grown-up or a baby. Despite the age, once you choke on food and aspirate, you need to get it fixed immediately. You need medical attention to fix the issue before it could cause a huge problem in the future. 


What Causes Aspiration? 

Aspiration is often caused by dysphagia. This is when the muscles don’t work normally in the throat and lead to swallowing problems. When a person, whether baby or grown-up, is eating or drinking, the substances enter the windpipe. Normally, food or liquids should pass through the mouth and then pass through the food pipe or the esophagus until it reaches the stomach. But sometimes, the food finds its way into the airway. 

Unfortunately, when food gets into the lungs, it ends up damaging the tissues. This is because they are not made to handle anything else apart from air. This is what causes the problem. 

Sometimes the damages to the lungs can be severe. And this is what’s brings about aspiration. It causes a lung infection that causes more fluids to build up in the lungs. It also increases the risks of getting pneumonia—this explains why pneumonia is common in babies than grown-ups. 

Dangers of Aspiration 

Aspiration is fatal. It’s easy to die from aspiration pneumonia. And this is why you should get medical attention as soon as possible when your choke and food substances find their way into the lungs. As mentioned, aspiration increases the risks of pneumonia. An infection that can easily kill you. So, don’t take chances with aspiration, whether it’s you or a baby. You need immediate medical attention. 

Can You Survive Aspiration 

Aspiration can be treated. All you need to do is seek medical attention early. A doctor will address the condition immediately after visiting. Depending on the severity, a doctor will give special considerations. In most cases, the doctor will administer antibiotics to correct the problem. 

So, when you notice you have choked on food, and it got its way to the lungs, get medical attention quickly. This is because aspiration could cause difficulties in breathing which could kill you easily. 

Can Aspiration Heal On Its Own? 

If you have healthy lungs, they can correct the problem itself. However, you need to know that the food you aspirate might be carrying bacteria. And this will affect your lungs. And that’s why you need to get medical attention quickly. 

What Next? 

Your child may need tests. These can check for problems and show if food and fluid is going into your child’s lungs. The tests can include:

  • Chest X-ray or CT scan

  • Modified barium swallow test (MBS)

  • Fiber optic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES)

If you choke on food, then the first thing to do is get medical attention. Treat it as an emergency immediately if you notice difficulties in breathing. 

If you need to talk to someone about aspiration symptoms with your child you can schedule a consultation with one of our feeding specialists here.