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Pediatric Feeding Therapy in Eureka Springs Arkansas

Telebites offers Pediatric Feeding Therapy in Eureka Springs Arkansas

Telebites Virtual Pediatric Feeding Center has begun offering pediatric feeding therapy services in Eureka Springs, AR.  Children who are having a hard time chewing or swallowing food can benefit from feeding therapy.  TeleBites was founded by a Pediatric Speech Pathologist and Feeding Specialist with a background in treating children with feeding and swallowing impairment age birth through adulthood. Our licensed and credentialed pediatric feeding specialists bring our expertise to the safety and comfort of your home, which makes it easy for parents and children to get the help they need.

About Eureka Springs Arkansas 


Eureka Springs, AR is located in the Ozark Mountains. Known for its mountainside streets featuring Victorian homes there is a lot to love about Eureka Springs.  Downtown is filled with unique shops and boutiques, spas, and museums.  If you are looking for outdoor activities, trout fishing is popular in the White River.  Beaver lake offers watersports, camping, and fishing.  There are lots of festivals and events to check out at

Does my child have a feeding disorder?

Many times it is difficult to determine if a child has a feeding disorder.  Feeding and swallowing impairment in children is one of the most challenging things that parents will ever experience. Find out what is normal and when to get help from a feeding specialist.

Characteristics of pediatric feeding disorders:

My child will only eat a few specific foods

My child frequently gags or vomits when presented with certain foods

My child spends an average of 45 minutes or more to finish a single meal

I have to coax, bribe, or threaten punishment to get my child to eat

My child coughs or seems to be choking while eating or drinking

My child holds food in their mouth for a long time before swallowing

My child is struggling to gain weight

My child is refusing to take their bottle or breast feed

My child will put food in their mouth and begins to chew it, but then takes or spits it out

My child will only eat specific brands of their favorite food

I am overwhelmed with how challenging it is to feed my child

If your child is exhibiting any of these behaviors, we recommend booking a consultation to see if your child may have a pediatric feeding disorder

If you are in Eureka Springs and would like a home visit click here for more information.

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