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Telebites Virtual Pediatric Feeding Center Locations and Areas Served

Telebites Virtual Pediatric Feeding Center is owned and operated by a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and feeding specialist focusing on pediatric feeding disorders.  Many times as babies and toddlers are learning to eat and drink they struggle to learn to swallow and chew food properly.  This can lead to a failure to thrive.  Many times parents are not sure if their child has a pediatric feeding disorder or if they are just a picky eater.  A trip to the pediatrician is a good first step, but sometimes children will need advanced therapy that is ongoing to learn proper techniques of chewing and swallowing. 


This is where we come in.  Some common conditions we treat can be found here.  We are certified to provide pediatric feeding therapy in 10 states in the US.  The earlier a child is in therapy to address these issues, the better their growth, nutrition and eating habits become. Our shared goal is to help children develop normal feeding patterns and skills to make meal time enjoyable the whole family.

Teletherapy is a great option for families that are looking for an alternative to office visits.  From the comfort of your home, telehealth visits are a safe and easy alternative to in person appointments.  Schedule for a time that suits your needs and your busy life.  Many of our patients live in rural or underserved areas of the country and have trouble connecting with a local provider. 

We are currently licensed to provide telehealth therapy in the following states:

You can schedule a consultation or appointment here.

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