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Telebites Therapy offers services in New York

Pediatric Feeding Therapy in New York

TeleBites Virtual Pediatric Feeding Center offers remote teletherapy feeding services to residents of New York using a HIPPA-compliant platform.  Founded by a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and feeding specialist with a passion for empowering parents to support their children in having a safe and enjoyable feeding experience. Having come from medical settings such as NICU, PICU, and inpatient rehabilitation, it became increasingly clear that families outside of urban areas have limited access to follow up services and feeding therapy.  Our mission is to provide services to children and families who lack local resources by bringing them together with qualified feeding specialists. It is our belief that no child should go without services, regardless of limited community resources. From wait lists to denials, we understand all too well how challenging it can be to navigate support and service options.  TeleBites Virtual Pediatric Feeding Center was created to bridge these gaps and improve access to services for all children.

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We provide feeding and swallowing therapy

We believe that parents should feel confident about meeting their child’s nutritional requirements by learning to eat table foods, drinking from a straw, and learning to eat with a fork or spoon.  Family meals can be enjoyable and stress-free by learning techniques to help children who refuse food or take extra long to eat a meal.

Children with sensory processing disorders can be sensitive to smells, textures, and tastes that can create a feeling of “sensory overload.” Certain textures of food can make kids have a strong reaction to or refuse to try new foods or only eat a very limited diet of preferred foods.

Does my child have a pediatric feeding disorder (PFD)?

Feeding and swallowing impairment in children is one of the most challenging things that parents will ever experience. Find out what is normal and when to get help from a feeding specialist.

Characteristics of pediatric feeding disorders:

My child will only eat a few specific foods
My child frequently gags or vomits when presented with certain foods
My child spends an average of 45 minutes or more to finish a single meal
I have to coax, bribe, or threaten punishment to get my child to eat
My child coughs or seems to be choking while eating or drinking
My child holds food in their mouth for a long time before swallowing
My child is struggling to gain weight
My child is refusing to take their bottle or breast feed
My child will put food in their mouth and begins to chew it, but then takes or spits it out
My child will only eat specific brands of their favorite food
I am overwhelmed with how challenging it is to feed my child

If your child is exhibiting any of these behaviors, we recommend booking a consultation to see if your child may have a pediatric feeding disorder

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We are happy to provide services in New York for its 8 million residents. Known for New York City and  Niagara Falls, New York has something for everyone.  New York City also known as "the big apple" is comprised of 5 boroughs and is home to the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor and Manhattan is home to the Empire State Building, Central Park, and Times Square.  Whether you live in Buffalo, Rochester, or any other city in New York and need telehealth therapy for a pediatric feeding disorder or picky eater we are here to help.

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